Capitaine Cursors reloaded


This is a mouse cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. It is a modified version of Capitaine Cursors by krourke. If your like his work, head over to krourke and make a donation.

The original already includes a version for Windows, but according to the author it would not receive any substantial updates. Moreover, it had been designed for right-handers only, and it lacks a few cursor types present in more recent Windows versions.

So I decided to derive a modified version, to include these changes:

  • an additional cursor set for left-handers (as I am)
  • two more cursors (for the new type “location” and “user” cursors)


Capitaine Cursors reloaded is based on Capitaine cursors which is based o KDE Breeze cursors, as such it falls under the same license, LGPLv3. See COPYING for more details.


Please click this link to download the ZIP file.


The cursor set comes with INF files to make installation easy.

  1. Extract the ZIP file.
  2. Open folder in Explorer.
  3. Right click on capitaine-left.inf or capitaine-right.inf
  4. Click ‘Install’ from the context menu, and authorise the modifications to your system.
  5. Then open Control Panel > Personalisation and Appearance > Change mouse pointers, and select Capitaine Cursors Left or Capitaine Cursors Right.
  6. Click ‘Apply’.

Release History

2020-11-07 | Dietmar Dumke
Initial release.